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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Change the model and change the world

The economic system constantly recycles itself.

But there really isn’t a solid modeling system today that explains this recycling process.

Fractals and the system that creates them, is a natural system that is beginning to be understood.  Chaos theory deals with complex systems with underlying patterns and feedback loops.  This system is sometimes referred to as the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect according to some states that small causes can and do have large effects in later, larger states.

Fractal patterning is a set of instructions that have relevance in the field of chaos theory.

Needed is an economic assessment process that uses the new and up-to-date principles (such as Chaos and Fractals) that present day economic models ignore or intentionally obfuscate.   

Creating a better understanding of economics is most important for humanity and the survival of the human race because the “invisible hand” is just not doing the job of understanding how present day economics works in disproportion say for the very few and not for the rest of us.

The present “job” based economic system is not working and understanding why it isn’t can only be understood from a new modeling of what in reality is a economic model that is outdated and really is used to cover up and mislead.

Change the model and change the world.


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